About Us

SOCIETE PORC MONTAGNE founded in 1994, took over from the PROMOPORC operation, S.P.M. created a new organization for the pork industry. Indeed, thanks to the producer group structure, breeders become operators in the pork slaughtering and cutting sectors giving birth to one of the leading producers of Premium Quality Pork in Europe.

The Quality of our pork cuts are the best you will find in the market, specially selected, properly checked by qualified vetinarians before slaughter, what we bring to the market is the perfect pork cuts that you need.

Our production system is adapted to the most rigorous quality standards and in accordance with the most demanding regulations. In addition, the entire process is closely monitored by in-house professionals, who verify that the product and all its processes comply with our company’s quality and food safety policy.

Since SOCIETE PORC MONTAGNE its business activities have speeded up, and it has established major trade agreements and consolidated its operations in a territory in which the agri-food industry is a strategic sector. A team that is committed to and passionate about the pork sector is the key that drives our continuous growth.

Arsac, 12850 Sainte-Radegonde
Tel: +33(0)751 300 462
Whatsapp: +33751300462
Email: info@societe-porcmontagne.com